Our professionals rely upon their experience in various industries and as a result clearly comprehend the various characteristics and different requests of the clients.

In order not only to meet, but also to exceed client's expectations, our accounting and consulting teams are comprised of experienced experts and foreign specialists. We can easily adapt to our clients' needs and provide effective solutions to a wide range of issues.

Accounting & Consulting Center shall assist its clients in performing their business in Serbia in the most efficient manner and in accordance with the legislation.

We shall address your needs based on your specific requests. In addition, we shall provide the agreed services within agreed schedules and draw your attention to all tax and bookkeeping issues that are most likely to affect your business activities.


We shall prepare and submit all documents and reports, which are required by the Serbian legislation and also keep you updated on changes and amendments to the existing laws and regulations, so assisting you in complying with them.

All the services provided by Accounting&Consulting Center shall be tailored to your needs and suited to your interests in the most efficient manner.

Our main service offerings include:


Accounting services:


 Financial bookkeeping

 Preparation of all statutory calculations (VAT, tax returns, etc.)

 Preparation of periodical financial statements (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

 Preparation of the consolidation packages

 Preparation of statutory financial statements

 Management accounting and financial reporting

 Preparation of financial statements in accordance with International accounting standards and IFRS

 Preparation of financial statements in accordance with American accounting standards (US GAAP)

 Payroll related services:

 Processing Time and Attendance sheets

 Sickness leave administration

 Calculating wages and relating taxes, contributions

 Social Security administration

 Pension Taxation issues

 Preparing payroll sheets

 Transferring wages, taxes and contributions

 Preparation of monthly and annual tax reports

 Counseling on any type of labor issues upon requested by the Client

 Giving information on change of relevant local labor law

 Preparation of travel orders and posting of traveling expenses


Business support services:

 Establishment and registration of a company

 Office administration services

 Effecting payments

 Preparation and submit of invoices

 Cash flow monitoring

 Performing executive duties

 Application and cancellation of employees

 Accounting Consultation


Tax Advisory Services


With regard that every transaction has a tax effect, our tax practitioners will work hard to help our clients to increase their bottom line by delivering a full range of tax services that can minimise the effect of the many taxes the clients face with. We shall help them to comply with the local tax regulations wherever they operate in the world. When disputes arise, we shall deal effectively with tax authorities. We are able to provide full support for both the clients commencing their business activities, instructing them in their first steps on domestic or foreign market, and multinational companies with complex activities.


International tax planning


You can optimize your tax transactions through us, as your tax advisor, by avoiding double taxation. Our team of tax advisors is qualified for business and personal tax planning.We shall enable you to perform operations efficiently outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia, for the purpose of maximizing and utilizing tax relieves.


Direct taxation


 Taxation of natural persons

 Taxation of employee remunerations which have the character of payroll planning

 Income taxes

 Tracking the companys compliance with the legislature of the Republic of Serbia

  Preparation of the Tax Balance and other accompanying tax forms

 Transfer prices advising


Indirect taxation


 Advisory services in the application of regulations with regard to VAT and excise duties

 Examination of possible options concerning settling clients tax liabilities with regard to value added tax, customs and excise duties

 Control of the data stated in monthly VAT returns.